Saturday, 7 May 2011

St John tea now on sale

Last month, I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the new St John tea created by 'Rare Tea Lady' Henrietta Lovell and it blew me away.
A blend of two different flushes of Darjeeling and a little of a very rare Chinese tea, it's subtle, complex and, more importantly utterly delicious in a reviving kind of way.
The blend was created by Henrietta, Fergus Henderson and the St John team "after much vigorous tasting, slurping and manifold cucumber sandwiches".
The small sample I had was only enough for about four pots but everybody who tried it agreed it was one of the best all-round teas they had ever tasted.
The good news is that the tea is now on sale through the St John online shop, as well as being served at the St John restaurants and hotel.
It costs £7 for a 50g tin, plus shipping costs.


  1. This blend sounds delightful. I have had some very good blends of different flushes of Darjeeling. I tend to like Darjeeling as it is still a black tea but it often has a much lighter character to it.

    A lot of tea connoisseurs tend towards the pure teas, which I can understand as it is wonderful to be able to taste the unique qualities of a particular estate or a particular harvest or batch. However, blending can also be an art, and when it is done well, using top-quality ingredients, the results can be wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Alex. Yes, it's a fabulous blend and all credit to Henrietta for coming up with it. Your website sounds great, I will check it out.

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